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c/o Stazione Marittima, Porto di Trapani, Trapani, Sicily (Italy)
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Sixt Trapani Airport

Trapani Airport has quite a number of car hire companies working around the airport terminals. One of these companys is the Sixt car hire company. It is a family owned company that has been in business for more a century now. Not only does it operate in Italy but also has offices spread across the globe in more than a hundred countries. The company is a proud owner of a fleet of cars in the business. It possesses over 100000 cars in its name. The Sixt car hire company deliver their services to consumers 24 hours in the whole week.

With a company such as Sixt Car Hire, there three ways you can rent a car. One you can book over the counter or just go directly to their website and finally via a terminal. While at the counter you have the privilege to interact with customer care. Information is first hand. However, it can be time consuming because you have to wait in long queue for service delivery. But thanks to technology you don’t have parade in queues. By the click of a mouse you can easily access the online booking process. Just log in in the website, and fill in the require data. As soon as you are through with filling the form, the next you should be at the counter to pick your car keys.

You can make reservations by making a phone call with the numbers available in their website. What the Sixt employee will ask for your credit number. This is your opportunity to ask for information that is not clear to you. In addition they will give you a variety of cars to select from according to your preferences. Similarly a telephone conversion gives you the opportunity to cancel a reservation made earlier. Should you feel the need to change the car model, you tell the employee know of the changes.

Alternatively you can have a direct and quick car rent at the airport terminals via Sixt Quick check in terminals(express service). This only works after you had initially made reservations for the car hire. While at the terminal you are suppose to have a Sixt express card at hand. The Sixt car hire company give the pricing of the car deals. The price tag is not noted just below the car deal. They have a cheaper car hire as well as an expensive one for those who want luxurious cars. In addition they offer discount for every car deal. The car brands on hire range from BMW, Toyota to Mercedes.