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Avis Trapani Airport

Trapani Airport found to the western coast of Sicily is common to locals as a military airport but later in 2009 it opened its doors to civilians who use one side of it. The Italian airport is served by several major airline companies that interconnect both local and international air routes. Trapani is coded as TPS. Avis Trapalian Airport offers the car hire services; they have all types of vehicles for all the occasions at affordable rates.

At the Airport, there is the arrival lounge where the counters of the car rental firms are, the operating hours will tend to vary so find out that each has its hours to be opened. Should you need any advance reservation from Avis Trapani Airport, it is most convenient to do it over the internet. There are several requirements to put in place before hiring a vehicle from Avis, Trapani Airport.

The driver that registered his name when booking the car online should be the one present in person at the Avis Trapani Airport station and with the valid driving license.

The customer hiring a vehicle from Avis, Trapani Airport, should have a valid driving license from the European Union and the license should be printed in Roman alphabets.

The hirer must have attained the age of 21 year old as a young driver. Clients in the age bracket of 21 to 25 will most likely enjoy a reduced rate. Daily charges by Avis are 15.00 Euro. There are some models and large cars not appropriate for the young hirers. There are some things that should you forget to include in the reservation process that you want in the car you are hiring, you might end up not getting them. That is why it is always good to include all the things needed for your vehicle. Example in Avis, they have the infants’ seats, children seats and the older people’s seats, so should you want such, it is better to include them in your reservation.

When hiring car, you must consider their mode of payment. In Avis, Trapani Airport, the following modes are accepted, Avis Issued Charge Card, Avis Company Travel Order. Fixed Value Voucher, Avis Honored Credit and Debit and Charge Cards. The person holding the card must be present to sign the rental agreements.