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Budget Trapani Airport

Budget car hire is another brand that offer car rental services at Trapani Airport. There many ways to hire the cars. You can go online or just straight to the counter. However, with the Budget company there are clear cut terms of hiring a car that the customer need to have in mind. They include:

  • In case of breakdown you should contact the company with the number on catalog dished while check out to your. Your will realize that the cars have jackets. Wearing it (the yellow jacket)is not an option here but rather its a must when your car is facing mechanical problems.
  • You are not allowed to drive the car into an island. With of course an exception of Sicily island. You not allowed to cross the border with the car however much close it is.
  • With Budget, you are allow to use any currency from your country. Noted that most common currency used is the Euro.
  • Remember while book you ought to pick the right car based on the number of people on board as well as the number of luggage you are carrying along. For this reason the Budget car hire company is strongly against carrying excess passengers that the car cant handle. Failure to a bid by this rule will cost your insurance cover. Should the customer be in drunk state, the supplier with idiomatically deny you the right to the keys. Take not under age driving is not encourage. The correct age to warrant a drivers license is 21 years and above.
  • While making booking reservations with Budget car hire company, its important to complete fill the instruction in the form whether via the internet or at the counter. Once you have made reservation the company will an email to confirm the transaction. Note that one's information will be sent to the supplier so that you can access the car once at the airport.
  • Once you have made reservations, you are suppose to pick the car keys at the supplier at the airport. But before have the keys, you must sign for rental agreement. You have to follow the terms and condition stated in the agreement.

These are just some of the terms. Its important to know the car rental drop off at Trapani airport. You are advised to park on the left side of the car park when you are entering the main terminal at the Trapani Airport.