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Trapani Airport Parking

Trapani Airport is an important gateway to the region. It handles large number of passengers over 1.5 million passengers per yearly. The airport has the IATA code of TPS. The parking facility is provided for all the motorists getting into the airport. They offer the parking for all passengers who stay long and the once who stay short at an affordable fee.

The Airport car park can be accessed by anybody at the Airport and for the security purposes, the drivers are advised not to stop along the airport road. The drivers of vehicles on transit are advised to be on board in the drop-off and pick up lanes. The Trapani airport is divided into two parts the P1 and P2 sections.

Trapani Airport Parking – P1

In 2009 there was expansion of Trapani Airport, this actually affected the parking area, there was addition of hundred new places to the long term car park also known as p1, and sixty eight more places for disabled were created. The cars which want to stay for long in the airport can use the long term car park, there are 658 spaces available and is located near the airport terminal. Comparing the charges at the end of it all, the long term car parks are cheaper than the short term car park. The rates vary depending on the hours or days you take in the parking. Like an hour go for €3.50, so the shorter time you take the cheaper for you.

Trapani Airport Parking – P2

The p2 parking has 51 spaces, it is only meant for those coming to pick the arriving passengers of the ones dropping off departing passengers. For the first 15minutes it is free of charge and exceeding that you pay for the time you will be in the parking space. For one hour it goes at €1.50 so you calculate that with the hours you shall spend at the parking space. The person with disability are not left out here, they have like 18 spaces outside this car park which are marked with international symbols that are visible.

Before getting your vehicle from Trapani Airport, you must ensure that you settle the payments. There are automatic payment machine in the arrival hall that take cash on your arrival. They also accept the use debit and credit card as well. Immediately you are given the exit ticket, you should leave the car park within fifteen minutes. Should you just incase loose the ticket, when you get back to the airport, you shall be required to pay an extra €150.00 and prove to the airport authority that indeed you are the real owner of the vehicle in question.

Should there be any question regarding Trapani Airport Parking, ensure you visit there website or obtain the information from parking site in the Airport.