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Trapani Airport Transfers & Taxis

The taxi transfers at the Trapani airport are quite affordable. The operators of the coaches have experience and know just how to give you the best services that you deserve. The fares of the taxi are charged per vehicle and not per person as it is normally the case. Thus in this taxi transfer all passengers are counted as individuals irrespective of whether they are youngsters or they are grown ups. The laws here stipulate that every seat should be occupied by an individual and not individuals. This should be taken note of so that when making your budget you know how much is expected of you.

The Trapani taxi transfer partners use coaches that are full size, carriers for people, taxi fleets or buses when doing taxi transfers. There is no worry about the weather because they can be used even during extreme weather. The operators of coaches here are the best and they exhibit the most outstanding reputation and give transfer fares that have value.

Fares at the Trapani taxi transfer include the local charges made plus the taxes and the tolls. With the luggage, the allowance is made per every person. Each person is allowed with one suitcase and one smack hand bag. In cases of excess luggage that may include bikes or golf clubs, the passengers are advised to take a bigger taxi transfer that may accommodate them.

There are also private transfers that are available for those who desire this kind of comfort. In such cases you take one private taxi transfer where you do not share with any other person. Whenever you cannot trace your driver you are requested to make an emergency call so that you can be assisted immediately.

There are additional charges for supplements that come during the night. The charges are made per every hour where you pay 20 Euros. Incase your flight delays, give an early notice since you have one hour to make the call before the charges start coming up. The first hour is always free.

Payment details

Since the services here are meet greet, you cannot make any payments online. You can find the details on how to make your payments on the e-tickets. Incase of any issues that arise or anything you find inaccurate make sure you make a notification immediately. Booking is done depending on the amount of people in your team. You can do this using the facility for price guide. A confirmation is issued to you before any further bookings are made. Once you make the confirmation then the booking process commences.