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Trapani Airport Arrivals

Trapani airport, located in Italy with the code TPS is a recent addition to the number of airports that are already in Italy. Its relaunch is set to raise the standards of air service in Italy and enable it compete with the already present airports in the globe. The airline companies that use this airport include Air One, Meridiana Fly and Ryanair. With a yearly increase since 2009, Trapani expects nothing but tremendous change over the next years to come. This is due to its costs that are relatively low. Having gone through a make-over in 2009, the arrival area of the Trapani airport can now serve the customers quite sufficiently.

The following is a little guide about arrivals at Trapani that will enable those travelling by air feel comfortable and well serviced.

Passengers enter through the ground floor to the terminal after they disembark from the flight. Their baggage items are then collected. If your baggage doesn’t arrive at the airport, ensure you report immediately at the office where your lost and found items can be traced. Damaged luggage is also reported or it’s given a span of seven days since its arrival. An assessment will be made and compensations given. With the entrance of the tracking equipment, your lost items could be traced easily. Mark your travel bags always when travelling.

Parking fee for the arrivals can be paid at the specified automated machines and at the desks. The motorist is given a maximum of fifteen minutes to vacate the grounds. Car rentals can also be made at the airport through its rental companies. At the Trapani airport you will find the best services at the arrivals as there is a team and dedicated workers and attendants.