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Trapani Airport Trains

Trapani airport, or TPS as it commonly known to locals, is not served by a train service, however if you wish to travel by train to or from the airport then the closest viable option is Palermo Centrale Railway Station that is in the city of Palermo which is approximately 126 km from the airport. The journey takes averagely 90 minutes by bus.

Terravision bus services ply from the airport directly to Palermo Centrale Railway station with a round trip costing a regular price of 21.20 Euro. One way trip goes for about 10.60 euro. Children under the age of four will most probably travel free of charge. Palermo is regarded as one of the busiest stations in Italy and is linked directly with Intercity and Express Trains that go to Rome, Turin, Venice, Paris and Milan which operate faster trains due to the long distance nature of the places they serve.

Palermo is served by local trains such as Diretto, interegionale or Expresso, they are generally the slowest trains compared to the rest and this is because they tend to stop at every station. Palermo is not served at present by the faster models of Eurostar Trains but prospects to have it serve the place are underway.

Lack of a train service top Trapani Airport is a major inconvenience but with the frequent comfortable and highly rated bus services connecting the Sicily and the airport it is really not a big deal further more one could opt to use other means of transport.

Car hire is one of those services that is readily available to those seeking to connect from Palermo Railway station to the TPS and vice versa. There are a number of car rental companies other the stations that will be ready to offer a one-way hire package to interested customers. This means you could gladly hire a car from say Maggiore Car Hire and drive yourself to Palermo station and leave it there in their rental car yard. If you are not of the option of car hire or the luxury bus services then despair not. You could still opt for a taxi service. They are readily available at the airport or at the station for you to choose from. A quick tip though, the fancier the car the higher the price you will be asked to pay. The train service in Palermo Centrale is managed by Italian Railways you can visit their website to make your booking.