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Driving Directions

Incase you are coming from capital Palermo, take the A29 via the SP21 and SS15. From there you are able to see the signposted from Palermo, meaning Trapania Airport is not anywhere far from the signposts. Just incase locating the Airport becomes a problem and you are lost, just remember that it is one of the most western point, find this by using your compass. If still you cannot locate it at all you can have the address Trapani Airport 91020 Trapani C. da Birgi.

When you want to locate Verdura Golf and spa Resort and you are from Trapani Airport Birgi (TPS). The Airport is 139km from the Resort and it is like 90minutes driving by car. This is the most ideal way to get to the Airport, go straight on to Contrada Birgi Novi. After that take SP1 and then SP21. Take the A29 Palermo Mazara dell Vallo.if you are there, and then follow the sign, turn left at E931and then left to SS115. Taking the direction of ramp towards Agrigento and emerging onto the S115. Continue for about 42km passing Sciacca, the Verdura Golf is there.

When you are at the east Piazza Vittorio Veneto torward via Abate Palmerio which is about 48metres you have to go onto Viale Regina Margherita which is SS113 and is 1.3km just follow that route, when you are in a car, turn right to Via Marsala /SS15, just follow this route until you reach Birgi, take the ramp to Birgi that will get you to A29dir. Continue driving until you reach Strada Provinciale Trapani Marsala/ SP21, from there you will be in the next roundabout, take the first exit onto contrada Birgi, turn on your right hand; there you are at the Trapani Airport .which is 19.6kilomteres drives about 23 minutes

When you are locating distance from Trapani Airport in Italy to Parlemo in Italy which is about 69,19kilometres drive by car. It is so far the shortest distance when we use the longitudinal and latitudinal points on the compass. If you are travelling by the road, which is most probably by a car at an average speed of 40mph at 64kmh, it would take you around 1.31 hour to travel from Trapani to Palermo at an estimated speed of 52.46 miles.

The driving direction is the route you take to your destination, when you want to get to Trapani Airport, there are several route to take you there it is now upon you to choose the one you want and you feel is shorter for you.

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