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Trapani Tourist Attractions

The Mediterranean Sea surrounds Trapani, a town in Italy. The Trapani airport is the first sight to behold before you take a look at the surrounding towns and tourist attractions. Italy is an amazing country that never disappoints in terms of tourist attractions. Once you land at the airport you have the tourists guide that can enable you go round Trapani, one of Italy’s ancient towns and tourist attraction areas. Trapani has been surrounded by towns like Marsala and Erice that are also attraction sites to behold. Take a short bus trip and go around these places.

The building of the Odd Casina delle Palme

It’s gentle and has been made in the nouveau style of art. There are lots of performances that take place here over the summer that you just cannot afford to miss. It is filled with gardens that are a sight to behold that contain palm trees and a stage that is small enough for the performances that take place here.

The Via Torrearsa

Beside the Casina delle Palme is the via torrearsa that is the central street of Trapani. It doesn’t disappoint especially with historic sites. The Saturn fountain, St. Augustine church of the 14th century are some the historic sites that are found here. There is also the palazzo cavarretta where the meetings of the city council were carried out. It is here that you find Trapani’s main beach, the lido san giuliano. The beach is fully equipped with rooms for changing, sun lounges, bars and even the life guard service.

The corso vittorio emanuele

It was previously known as rua grande. It houses the facades of baroque that include the Jesuits church, the san Lorenzo cathedral and the convent. More of these religious sites are found at the Madonna di Trapani. This site is majorly religious and has a lot that you can learn especially with ancient religion in Italy.

Trapani’s museum attractions

There are two major museum sites in Trapani that are found at ligny in the 17 century towers. The museums are museo de sale and museo de preistoria e del mare. The museums have lots of artifacts that are pre historic that are not the kind to find in just any museum. There are ornaments that were used by the Romans and the ancient Greek anchors and sailors. One amazing artifact is the helmet shell rescued from the first Punic war that took place in 241BC.

North of Trapani

For the lovers of beaches, this is just another place you cannot avoid. It is found in erice, a town that is small and found on the north of Trapani. It exhibits the san vito lo copa beach that has capacity of 4000 residents but every year its filled with visitors up to hundreds of thousand. Now that isn’t a place you should miss. In the 2011 it was actually voted as one of the best beaches in Italy. Here we find the museum sea and the church at the fortress. West of san vito santa lo copa is the Santa Margherita bay that is amazingly with the pebble coves that are small. The introduction of the services of the cable car has enabled transport from erice to Trapani and vice versa to be made easy. Another amazing site here is the castle of Venus, also known as the Norman castle that has been built on the themonos cliff during the 17th century.

There isn’t just enough of Trapani without the Egadi Islands on the Trapani ports and the cave Gotta del Genovese that contains some of the earliest paintings in ancient Europe. Marsala that is further south just contains even more that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.