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Trapani Airport Buses

As much as there are very many car hire services in Trapani Airports, so are buses and shuttles. The bus transport mainly targets passengers who can not afford to hire car to their destination. Therefore it is pocket friendly compared to the amount you would have spent on hiring a car. With as low as 10 euros, you can board a bus from Trapani A irport to the nearest town, Pelermo. Its approximately an hour and half drive to the Pelermo city.

There are quite a variety of bus services operating along the Trapani Airport-Palermo route. They include Salemi, Lumia, AST and Terravision. The buses make a stop just outside the Trapani airport. Further more there are two bus stops.The buses have scheduled arrival and departure time for those leaving the airport as well those coming in. A bus service like Salemi transports its passengers from Trapani airport Pelermo city center as well as Marsala town. Its important to know your final destination to avoid cases of confusion, ending up in the wrong city. This is bound to happen, assuming this is your first time being in Trapani Airport. Alternatively you can carry a road map of the area so that you don’t get lost.

Just car hire service, you can always in advance to avoid inconviences. Generally most of the bus services operating outside Trapani Airport are quite cheap. For as low as 12 euros you can a lite at Palermo city center on board Terravision bus. Similarly you will have to part with 8 Euro from Palermo to Trapani Airport. To book for Terravision bus seat you can go their website which is

The AST Bus company is available on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays transports passengers from Mazara del Vallo to the Trapani Airport and back. Their ticket price is less than five Euro only to and fro the airport. The Lumia bus on the other hand operate along the Agrigento route.They ferry passengers through out the 7 days of the week. Its destination include Sciacca, Ribera and Porto Empedocle.

When booking for a seat on the bus whether online or at the counter, there are factors to consider. Great customer care is key when booking the bus. Have a look at the company reputation, like how do they treat their passengers? Do they offer catering services in the bus? Is the journey comfortable while traveling with the bus? Is the service worth the money to dished?